Choosing the Perfect Sari for Every Occassion

When it comes to choosing a sari to wear to a certain occasion, you might be overwhelmed with all of the choices – do you wear chiffon or silk; light colors or dark colors?

If you’re feeling unsure about whether the sari you want to wear is appropriate for the occasion, don’t worry! We’ve put together a short guide on how to choose the perfect sari for different occasions.

Daytime Event 


If the event you’re going to is taking place during the day, it is important to take into account the type of event, and location of the event (will it be outside? Indoors? Both?). If the event is outside, you should consider the weather forecast for that day.

If the weather is going to be hot, we would recommend choosing a sari in a light, breathable fabric, such as cotton, chiffon or net. If the event is going to be more formal, or if the weather is going to be on the cooler side, you can opt for a heavier material such as silk. For day events, we prefer saris in light or bright colors.

pictured: white chiffon sari w/ large sequin border

other good choices: gray sheer net sari w/ contrast border , ombré pink crinkled chiffon sari

Business/ Professional


It seems to be a universal rule that professional situations call for simple sophistication. If you’re going to be wearing a sari to a professional event, opt for a more simple sari. A sari in a single color, or a sari with a simple pattern and little embellishment would be perfect in this situation.

good choices: peach organza sari , burgundy and olive green silk sari

Evening/Night Party


Evening/Night parties are where you can really get flashy with your fashion choices! These events are a chance for you to really show off your more luxurious, embellished saris, so don’t be afraid to go for saris with more sparkle! Metallic embroidery, beads, and sequin detailing will reflect light and make you stand out in a crowd.

Evening/Night events allow more freedom when it comes to colors and material. We love saris in bold, bright colors for evening parties. Alternatively, you can opt for a richer, darker colored sari for a more sophisticated look. Material-wise, the choice is up to you (however, we would stay away from cotton saris for evening events).

pictured: purple and blue chiffon sari w/ heavy sequin work 

other good choices: black chiffon sari w/ moderate beadwork , mustard and maroon georgette sari



Styling Tip: Alternate Ways to Tie a Sari

There are days when you are willing to spend hours putting together new outfits. Then there are days when you just want to pull on the first thing you see. For those days when you’re wearing a sari and you don’t want to spend ages getting dressed but still want to look stylish, here are two easy, alternate ways to wear a sari.

For both of these styles, you’ll want to start by reviewing the traditional way of draping a sari pictured below.


1. Gujarati Style


This style is a very simple variation: instead of the pallu pleats hanging in the back over your left shoulder, the pallu is displayed in the front, over your right shoulder.

While there are multiple ways to tie a sari this way, we found that our favorite way to do it is to tie the sari the regular way first. One you’re done with that, you want to unpin your shoulder pleats, bring them across your chest, and pin them to your right shoulder so that the pleats now hang in the front. Next take the left side of the pallu, stretch it across your chest, and pin it to your blouse or sari in the back to complete the look. This is a great way to show off an especially elaborate pallu or a blouse that has a lot of work in the back.

2. Mumtaz Style 


Mumtaz style, or a fishtail style, is another simple way to spruce up your look when you’re pressed for time.

You want to start with step 1 of the traditional style, but stop right after that. Next, you’ll do your bottom pleats– but fewer than you would normally. We like to do 4-6 pleats. Keep in mind that the more pleats you have the more pronounced the fishtail effect is likely to be. After that, you’ll want to tightly wrap your sari all the way around, but this time you want to wrap it about 5-6 inches higher up, tucking it in as you go. Once you’ve finished a full circle, you’ll wrap it around again across your chest. At this point you can either do your shoulder pleats like normal, or let it drape loosely, and you’re done!


What’s your favorite way to tie a sari? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

In honor of her 131st birthday, we thought we’d take a few moments to talk about how you can get some inspiration from the fashion icon’s world renowned brand.

Like many others fascinated with the bright colors, intricate jewelry, and rich culture of India, Chanel herself designed outfits inspired by the country in the 50s and 60s. More recently, Karl Lagerfeld designed an entire collection based on his idea of India in 2012. The clothes featured androgynous looks in silvers, golds, and whites paired with stunning Indian jewelry and dark eye make up.

Since Chanel’s summer 2014 collection featured a lot of purples, we thought we’d find you Chanel makeup under $40 to pair with your favorite summer saris.

Rouge Moiré Nail polish ($27): A bright nail is a must for the summer!

Rouge Coco Mademoiselle Lipstick ($35): A perfect complement to the nail polish

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Noir Intense Eyeliner ($32) : Channel your inner Chanel by pairing your Indian looks with dark eyeliner

Inimitable Intense Noir Mascara ($30): Complete your dark eyes with Chanel’s top rated black mascara

How will you be styling Chanel this season? 

How To Tie a Sari

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about styling saris (and we’ll certainly continue to do that) but this week we thought it would be good to go back to the basics and talk about how to tie a sari in the first place in 7 easy steps.

Saris are just 6 yards of fabric, which means that there is a lot of flexibility in how to wrap those 6 yards around your body. We’ll show you our favorite way to tie a sari but remember, as you practice and get better at it, you’ll be able to tweak your own method to reflect your personal style.

Anatomy of a sari

Before we get to the steps, let’s take a brief moment to talk about each part of the sari. There are two main words to define when it comes to the sari itself: the pallu and the fall. The pallu is the end of the sari that goes over your shoulder. It is usually identifiable by the fact that it has borders on all sides, has the most amount of work, or is of a different color or material than the rest of the sari. The sari fall is a length of fabric that is sewn onto the bottom inside edge of approximately half the sari. It is called the fall because it helps the sari fall nicely when draped.

Items you’ll need

Once you’ve picked out the sari you’re going to wear, you’ll need a few things. The most basic of these is of course a blouse. You’ll also need a matching petticoat, which serves as both the lining and anchor for the sari. Additionally, you’ll need a few safety pins on hand to secure the sari in place.

Now let’s talk about how to actually tie the sari.

Step 1

Put on your blouse, petticoat, and the shoes you’ll be wearing. Make sure the petticoat is tied tightly around your waist– you shouldn’t be able to fit more than a finger between your waist and the petticoat. Begin by finding the inside end of the sari, the one that is opposite the pallu. Make sure that the fall is down by your feet.

Start wrapping the sari counter clockwise around your body (to the left), tucking it in as you go. Stop once you’ve reached one complete circle.

Step 2

Loosely wrap the sari around your body a second time, without tucking it in this time, until you’re holding the pallu in your hand.

Step 3

You’re going to begin pleating your pallu. Start by holding the side closest to your body in your right hand and pleat by folding it into the rest of the sari. Continue until you have 5-7 pleats.

Step 4

Once you’ve pleated a few inches, place it over your left shoulder. Continue fixing the pleats in short bursts and moving them further up your shoulder, until the pallu reaches your desired height. We recommend stopping when the pallu reaches just about your knee. Once you’re happy with the pallu, secure it to the blouse with a safety pin placed on your shoulder to prevent it from moving.

Step 5

Now you’re going to take the top edge of the sari and pull it across your chest. Tighten it to your desired level by pulling the leftover fabric on the left.

Step 6

The next step will be to make the bottom pleats. Again, you want to start by holding the sari in your right hand and pleat the fabric by folding it into the sari. Continue until almost all of the sari is pleated.

Step 7

Once you’re done pleating, the last step is to tuck the small amount of remaining fabric down, and place the pleats over it. Tuck it into your petticoat and pin it in place. Adjust the sari by making sure everything is in place and you’re ready to go!

Step 8 (optional)

While pleats offer structure and stability, an alternate way to showcase a particularly gorgeous pallu is by unpinning your pleats and letting the pallu drape loosely over your body. To make sure it doesn’t completely fall off, we recommend still pinning the pallu to your blouse. Gather the sari and drape it over your left arm and you’re all set.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Let us know how we did in the comments below!

Style Inspiration: Sabyasachi

Even for those with a limited knowledge of Indian fashion, one designer’s name stands out: Sabyasachi. A prominent designer from India, he has not only designed outfits for many Bollywood films and stars, but also presented various collections at fashion weeks around the world, cementing his place in the global fashion industry.

While it may be difficult to acquire a genuine Sabyasachi sari to impress your friends, we here at Love That Sari thought about how you can add a bit of the current Sabyasachi style to your current look.

Just last month, he was one of the designers who presented at India Couture Week. This collection, seamless blend of pastels and floral prints, is definitely one that we can all agree was absolutely stunning. So how can you emulate that at home?

By taking some of his floral cues, we paired our saris with flower printed crop tops. By combining the crop tops with some bright saris, we were able to create looks that are perfect for the summer!

For a fun twist on the more traditional silk cotton sari, this crop top provides a modern alternative to the more commonly worn matching blouse. The fiery orange and red hues of the sari pop against the dark background of the blouse without overpowering the print, making it a great combination.

Similarly, the bright pink sari contrasts the more subtle teal crop top, really allowing the floral print to shine. The monochromatic organza perfectly complements the busy print and open back of the blouse for the perfect Sabyasachi inspired look.

How would you style a floral crop top? Let us know in the comments!

Steal Her Style: Priyanka Chopra (and Giveaway Winners!)

With her stunning features and gorgeous wardrobe, it’s no secret that every woman wants to look like Priyanka Chopra.

You’re in luck because you can easily rock a look inspired by Priyanka Chopra at the Marrakech International Film Festival with one of our saris! Pairing a long sleeved lace blouse with an black chiffon sari accentuates the elegance of the look. This look highlights two popular trends: lace and long sleeves. By rounding out the look with a bright lip and dangling earrings, you can recreate Chopra’s chic style with ease.

Sari: Black Chiffon Sari with Beadwork $38.00 for rent

Sari Blouse: Lace Crop Top Blouse $14.99

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: your giveaway winners! Thank you to everyone who participated. Don’t worry if you missed out on this opportunity—we’ve got lots of great deals (and maybe even another giveaway!) coming your way soon. Remember, you can get a 10% off coupon sent right to your inbox when you sign up for our mailing list.

Giveaway winner 1: Upsana Mustafi

Giveaway winner 2: Laila

You two win the prize of a free sari rental of your choosing! We’ll be sending out an email to detail how to redeem your prize shortly.

Tell us what you thought of our steal her style post. And if you have any ideas of what star’s style we should steal next let us know in the comments!

Sari Styling Tip: Rocking Crop Tops

Blouses are obviously an integral part of a put together sari look. But sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect match. We here at Love That Sari are all about easy, affordable options. So it’s not surprising that we turned to a current western trend to address this issue.

Notice anything unusual about this look? Our model is actually wearing a crop top. Crop tops are a great substitute to a standard sari blouse; they’re not only cut to a length that mirrors sari blouses, but also the large selection of formal crop tops makes it easy to find embellished ones as well.

When shopping for crop top blouses, keep in mind that for saris, you want a tight fitting blouse as opposed to a something looser. You might even want to go down a size from what you’d usually wear in order to ensure that it’s the right fit. Because saris cover up the front of the blouse, crop tops with interesting backs are always a great choice. We personally love lace, zippers, or cool cutouts in the back.

Here are some of our favorite crop top looks.

Sari: Black Chiffon Sari with Beadwork

Similar Crop Top: Aritzia $14.99

A fancy black crop top is an excellent investment since there are so many things to pair them with. Whether with a simple black chiffon sari or one with a more elaborate print, a black crop top offers a versatile option to the more traditional blouse.

Sari: Ombré Pink Crinkled Sari

Similar Crop Top: Charlotte Russe $16.99

While lace isn’t a usual go to for a sari blouse, isn’t this pairing gorgeous? We love the simple elegance of the white lace paired with brightly colored saris.

Sari: Sequin Bordered Black and White Sari

Similar Crop Top: Daily Look $29.99

For those who want to make a statement for a steal, sequins are a great pick. This blinged out crop top pairs great with a variety of colors and textures. It’s the perfect way to match an elaborate, fancy sari or add a classy twist to dress up an otherwise simple sari.

Have you ever tried to rock a crop top with a sari? Would you now? We’d love to hear your thoughts!